Ruaha NP

L ocated in the heart of the country, Ruaha is the ‘other park’ on the
Southern circuit.  Ruaha’s relative inaccessibility has resulted in a
park that takes far fewer tourists than the Selous and far fewer than
any park in the Northern circuit.  The rewards of travelling this far are
a wild landscape with baobab studded hills and rocky escarpments, playing
host to excellent levels of game including superb predator concentrations,
huge elephant and buffalo herds and a cross over of game from southern and
Eastern Africa.  

Selous Game Reserve

Located in southern Tanzania, the Selous Game Reserve is Africa’s largest game reserve and one of our favourite game
viewing areas in Africa.  It’s really a hidden gem!  It’s much quieter than the Northern parks, the rivers and lakes
of the Selous are the lifeblood to a park that hosts phenomenal volumes of game including Africa’s largest elephant
and wild dog populations and probably it’s largest buffalo, hippo, crocodile and lion prides.  As you have probably

Saadani National Park

Tanzania’s only protected coastal wildlife preserve was gazetted in 1964. It covers an area of some
250 sq km from the Wami river in the south to the Mligaji river in the north, with the Moshi railway
line as the western boundary. Saadani is located in what is historically a very important coastal
strip emerging as an important trading post, appearing on maps from the early 19th century. The
village also contains a ruined fort, built by Arab slavers in the last century. This fort later became a German Boma
(administrative center) after 1888.


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