Stone Town

We highly recommend visiting Stone Town, especially if you are interested in
the history of the area. Taking a guide around Stone Town will reveal things
that you would without doubt miss on your own. At night the Forodhani
Gardens come alive with barbecues and a party atmosphere.
Zanzibar’s Stone Town is a fascinating living monument to the history of East
Africa. Once the centre of the ivory, gold and slave trade, the town itself is an
extraordinary place to explore; numerous markets, shops and craft centres are


Off the shores of Zanzibar are many little islands making for a
more secluded and remote beach experience away from the
main attraction of Zanzibar. Some of these island are only
accessible at certain times of the day according to tide levels
and these smaller sandbanks adn spits are excellent for sailing excursions and
picnics. Then there are the permanent little ones like Mnemba and Chumbe.
For those looking for the very best and most secluded beach stay with
flour-like beach sand and no one else around, there is the private island


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