Swala Camp

Swala Camp is located in the
Tarangire National Park in northern
Tanzania.  It is situated on open
grassland on the edge of the ‘Gursi’
swamp, making it an attractive
proposal for thirsty elephant during the dry months.  Driving to Tarangire is
fascinating: not only because of the vast array of elephants that you usually pass,
but the contrasting bright terracotta earth and the lush greenery are stunning.  It’s
a very beautiful place and Swala camp is in a small secluded corner, giving it
absolute tranquillity.
The paths around camp are a small network of scorched earth pathways leading
off to the main areas of the camp and the guest tents. The rooms are elegant and
comfortable.  They are built up on wooden platforms and offer a slightly more
solid structure than your typical safari tent.  Inside you have space, comfort and an
inside shower as well as the standard outside option.
As you walk around the camp, the  impala (after  which
the camp is named) are everywhere,
inquisitively watching the guests meandering
through the main areas. They do a great job
as environmentally friendly lawn mowers.


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