Ruaha NP

L ocated in the heart of the country, Ruaha is the ‘other park’ on the
Southern circuit.  Ruaha’s relative inaccessibility has resulted in a
park that takes far fewer tourists than the Selous and far fewer than
any park in the Northern circuit.  The rewards of travelling this far are
a wild landscape with baobab studded hills and rocky escarpments, playing
host to excellent levels of game including superb predator concentrations,
huge elephant and buffalo herds and a cross over of game from southern and
Eastern Africa.  
Ruaha is certainly a wilder park than its neighbour the Selous, and ultimately
has the better game viewing, albeit at the lack of any boating safaris.  A huge
plus of Ruaha is that there are very few lodges and yet the park is Tanzania’s
largest National Park. Overall an incredibly rewarding place to be on safari
and although we consider Katavi to be Tanzania’s best kept secret, Ruaha
is certainly a more affordable contender and an amazing addition to any
Tanzania safari holiday.
We absolutely love this park!  The game viewing here is some of the best
you will find in the country with very few tourists and offers superb value.  
The park is a superb contrast to the Selous and gives visitors a much wilder
experience to what they would have experienced elsewhere.  What you
can guarantee from Ruaha is great game in a truly wild and authentic
environment; Ruaha is absolutely huge and yet still so very untouched.


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