Nkungwe Beach Lodge

Located in the Mahale National Park in western Tanzania this lodge is best
accessed by lodge arranged charter flights from Arusha on a Tuesday and
Thursday. It is also possible to fly here from the south of Tanzania from
Ruaha. A trip to Mahale works well if you combine with Katavi which is
another remote park in the south west of Tanzania.
The main area of the lodge is set back on the beach raised on wooden
decking with a large Makuti thatched roof with views onto the lake. The
feel of the lodge is not over the top but very clean and comfortable and
offers great food - lots of fresh fish from the lake! The 8 tented rooms are set
back on the edge of the beach just into the undergrowth,
raised on wooden platforms. The tented rooms are very
spacious with en suite bath rooms. The main attraction of
coming to Mahale is to see the chimpanzees in the forest
covered hills, this is a daily activity and you spend one
hour per day with the chimps. It’s a truly unbelievable
experience! Interesting Facts
• 8 tented rooms
• Snorkelling in Lake Tanganyika
• Chimpanzee viewing
• Fishing on Lake Tanganyika


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