Katavi National Park

Located in the far West of the country, Katavi is a safari park
for the safari enthusiast.  Often combined with nearby Mahale,
Katavi it’s a park that receives very few travellers due to its
inaccessibility and subsequent expensive cost of flights.  The
reward of spending the time and money to get here, however, is one of the last
places in Africa that can take you back to bygone era; Katavi is nothing short
of magical.  
Huge herds of buffalo and vast lion prides duel daily, whilst hippos and crocodiles gather
in pods and nests not found anywhere else in Africa.  The park is truly wild with very few
camps and very few visitors.  Many safari connoisseurs would argue that
this is the quintessential Tanzani safari park; we certainly believe it to be the
countries best kept secret.
Katavi is one of the few places left in Africa today where you genuinely feel
that you could have slipped back a thousand years.  The volume of game
here is outstanding, with some researchers believing that the concentrations
are even higher than in Ngorongoro.  There is certainly a high cost in getting
here, but this fact has actually protected the park from the crowds that have
affected other areas and when you eventually get to Katavi, the lodge prices
are reasonable with the majority of the camps being very high quality and
taking an approach to safari that should maybe be copied by other operators in other parks!  
What Katavi excels at beyond all else is that there are very few places left in Africa offering
as wild and untouched an experience as here.  Combine this park with Mahale, specifically at
Nomad Tanzania’s Greystoke, and there is a good argument that this is the finest week to be
had in Africa!


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